Hand Embossing



Our Large Totes & Handbags  are hand embossed using the old fashioned method of a hammer and block in the workshop in Salcombe. We use this traditional embossing technique to transform our handcrafted accessories into a unique treasured possession, exclusive to you.


We will hand emboss your chosen design with your initials while you wait, at our workshop in Salcombe to give you a truly unique and personalised accessory.  The antithesis of mass production, all our products are handcrafted in England by us and other highly skilled artisans using traditional techniques. 


We use a preferred font which is then machine tooled into brass letters. These are securely mounted on the bespoke embossing machine and heated to 120 degrees.  The chosen letters are then ‘branded’ onto the leather manually to create your own unique and personalised product.